“Overflows. Pablo Reinoso at Chambord” – May 1 – September 4

2nd floor, double revolution staircase and French gardens

Since the beginning of his plastic work, the notion of balance has occupied the thoughts of Pablo Reinoso (series Les Respirantes or Les Paysages d’eau), Franco-Argentine designer and sculptor. Delivering a protean work drawing from all materials (wood, stone, air, metal) and progressing through successive series, the artist always deepens the same idea: that of the force of life, through the principle of plant growth applied to matter and a conceptual shaping of the founding cycles of life.

For this exhibition, he plans to develop his work around the idea of the ecosystem, which is particularly prevalent at Chambord, where this game of balance between man and nature has been played out since the beginning. The estate is in fact a veritable laboratory open to biodiversity 180 kilometers from the largest French metropolis. It is in this relationship between culture and nature, this highlighting of balances, that the artist wishes to engage his proposal, and to sketch a reflection around the possible collaboration between men and nature, engaging the visitors to reconsider the role of each one in order to find a harmony. In recent years, this reflection has been translated into its plastic form by a work around trees (Still Tree, Articulations, Uprooted). Thus, some of these works already produced could enrich his proposal for Chambord, consisting for the rest of works specially conceived in resonance with the spaces of the castle and the estate (installation in the gardens, the fireplaces and the central staircase, drawings made during the periods of residency…).

Under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO

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