A large number of exceptional events are organized in Chambord, and their themes and formats are wide-ranging: presentations of jewelry collections; filming of commercials, feature-length motion pictures and popular programs; vintage car parades; sports rallies; gala dinners; political seminars; cultural encounters; weddings; family feasts; company anniversaries... Contact our teams so as to draw up the program that will be yours.
In Chambord, the word “impossible” does not exist!

A WORK OF ART : one of its kind in the world

Classified since 1981 as belonging to the World Heritage of Humanity, as a work of art Chambord is one of a kind. Built in 1519 on the initiative of François I, who in 1515 following his victory in the Battle of Marignan had been crowned as king, the château is a symbol of royal power.

Passing through one of the five estate entrance doors, you penetrate into an incomparable universe and suddenly espy a château, perched on the forest like Mont-Saint-Michel on the sea.

Once you arrive, having crossed the forest, you are suffused with the unique fairytale atmosphere as you find yourself face to face with prodigious architecture over which hovers the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci.


Since Chambord represents in architecture what the Mona Lisa represents in painting, organize your festivities in a majestic setting that you will fondly remember for the rest of your lives. Chambord is a grandiose example of the Renaissance architectural style at its sterling peak. To this day, it has conserved a mysterious aura, with its dimensions that stagger the imagination.

Going up the double helix staircase on which your steps were preceded by those of François I, Catherine de’ Medici, Louis XIV, Molière and Victor Hugo, you will relish every unique moment of  a timeless journey, a trip out of time.

From the heights of the château, having ascended to the terraces, you will discover a celestial village and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the environing park.

For several hours, your invitees will be guests at a site symbolizing the French Renaissance throughout the world.


Organizing a special event in Chambord, you are at the same time welcoming your guests to an incomparable and marvelously preserved natural environment. They are sure to admire the authentic protected landscapes, to explore miles of nature trails, to have a fair chance of crossing paths with wild animals, or to discover for the first time the French-style gardens imagined under Louis XIV and resurrected in 2017! Covering the same area as Paris proper (over 13000 acres), Chambord is the largest wall-enclosed park in Europe.


For close to five centuries, Chambord and its fabulous architecture have enthralled visitors from throughout the world.

Once upon a time, François I welcomed internationally prestigious guests for a variety of performances and magnificent royal feasts. Chambord is a site that was originally thought out to awe the most prominent of honored guests.

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