Three-star and four-star cottages (gîtes)

Just a few feet away from the château, or at the gates of the estate, for a weekend or a week, Chambord invites its visitors to sojourn in the heart of a truly exceptional site. Rental of a gîte from 460 €.

Gîtes Cerf et Salamandre

Inspired by traditional Sologne dwellings, the gîtes **** Cerf et Salamandre offer high-quality lodgings at the footsteps of the castle. With their stately decors, cosy atmospheres and privative gardens, the adjoining houses can welcome eight persons apiece.


Book : Gîtes Cerf

Book : Gîte Salamandre

Gîte La Gabillière

Located at the edge of the forest of Chambord a few yards from the first observatories set up for viewing wild animals; the gîte *** de la Gabillère offers rare and precious closeness to nature. An erstwhile estate farm featuring a privative garden, it can welcome up to six persons, in a cordial pastoral environment.

Book : Gîte La Gabillière

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«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Due to the vigipirate plan, we thank our visitors in advance for showing understanding for the slowdown induced by the security checks at the entrances.