Chambord Passport

Enjoy the experience of an entire day in Chambord !

Come and enjoy a full day in Chambord and take full advantage of the many activities the estate has to offer.


The « Chambord Passport » ticket includes:

  • Admission to the château and gardens (ticket valid through 31/12/2018)
  • Admission to the horse + birds of prey show and related entertainment (ticket earmarked for the hour and day chosen by the customer)
  • Rental of a HistoPad from the age of 5 (ticket valid through 31/12/2018)
  • A special “réduction activités de loisirs”  pass (ticket valid through 4/11/2018) affording reduced price rental of equipment for one of the following recreational activities *

– Electric cart 45 minutes at a price of 25€ (instead of 28€)

– Adult bicycle package 1h at a price of 5€ (instead of 7€)

– Boat ride package 30 mn (1 or 2 persons) at a price of 13€ (instead of 16€)

– Boat ride package 30 mn (3 to 5 persons) at a price of 19€ (instead of 22€)

*Subject to availability


Period of validity 2018 of the « Day in Chambord » «  Chambord passport » ticket: From 28 April 2018 through 30 September 2018

*dates of the horse-birds of prey show: From 28 April through 30 September, off on Mondays except for 30 April, 7 May et 21 May (off on 2, 9 and 22 May). Every day from 3 July through 26 August.


The validity periods of the château, HistoPad and boat jetty tickets allow visitors without the time to engage in all the activities during a single day to come back later in the year.



Chambord passport for adults (26+ years and 18-25 years outside European Union): 28 euros

Chambord passport for youth (18 to 25 years, European Union residents): 19 euros

Chambord passport for children (5 à 17 years): 15 euros (Accompanied by an adult having bought at least one « Day in Chambord » « Chambord passport » adult ticket)

Chambord passport for children under 5:  free (Child seated on a parent’s knees during the horse + birds of prey show. No HistoPad)

Subject to availability.



To anticipate the 500th anniversary of Chambord, we are launching a campaign to adopt a vine in Chambord’s historic vineyard, planted in 1518.

«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris on the night of 13-14 November 2015, and so as to ensure visitor safety, the National Estate of Chambord has been applying the preventive measures enacted by the government for public administrations .