By supporting Chambord, sponsors contribute to the restoration of a historic monument and to the conservation of the French and human heritage. For companies as well as individuals, sponsorship represents a unique occasion to associate themselves with the evolution of one of the masterpieces of humanity and to follow in the footsteps of the great patrons of heritage and art.

Chambord has aroused admiration and fascination to the world over for over 500 years. Placed on France’s first list of historical monuments in 1840, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, it is one of the most breathtaking construction of the Renaissance. Far from being a residential palace or a hunting lodge, Chambord embodies the values of humanism, inventiveness and human genius.

Preserving this heritage means constantly questioning how it can be made accessible to the widest possible audience. With this objective in mind, each year new developments and innovative projects are presented to visitors, a rich program of events punctuates the life of the estate, and ecological actions are implemented. The estate is also developing a strategy to diversify its own resources, notably by reviving its vocation as a food-producing farm.


“Chambord, the Renaissance legacy to humanity, is much more than a château.
It is an unprecedented, ingenious, almost fantastic work of art that symbolizes
of the encounter between culture and nature”.
Pierre Dubreuil,
General Manager, Domaine national de Chambord


Chambord’s projects are structured around four development priorities: Chambord cultural and artistic, Chambord educational and social, Chambord sustainable and agricultural, and Chambord innovative. To support us in this approach, we are looking for partners who share our values and wish to promote them.


Chambord sponsorship


Why support us?

Chambord is a chateau like no other. Exploring Chambord will take you to a different world, a world full of mysteries that will immerse you in the marvels of the French Renaissance. Supporting Chambord through your donation will help to preserve and develop the remarkable feat of engineering created by Francis Ist.

Tax advantages:

To European donors: The Transnational Giving Europe system allows making a donation in an other European country. The donor can benefit from his own country of origin’s tax relief legislation. The amount gifted is free.

The countries include: Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

To American donors: Donations made from the United States have to be made through the King Baudouin Foundation United States, in order to allow the donor to benefit from the American tax law. The amount gifted is free.

Other advantages:

As you become patron of Chambord, you can benefit from several recognitions, such as invitations to private events at Chambord, the engraving of your name, or the name of your company, on the Patron’s Great Wall at the castle’s main entrance and other advantages determined by mutual agreement.

Come and discover the history of François I in the stables of the Marshal of Saxony!