OUTDOOR SPACES  CAPACITY  Capacity  Hosting capacity: up to 2000 persons

Located in front of the principal facade of the château, the southern lawn offers a remarkable example of cultivated greenery, bordered by two wide avenues themselves lined with lime trees, leading up to the royal porch.



OUTDOOR SPACES  CAPACITY  Hosting capacity: up to 5000 persons

Offering an unequaled view of the château, the horseshoe places you close to the forest, the canal and the château itself. Large enough for tents to be mounted and stands installed, the horseshoe is suited for galas, sports events and shows.

Gabillière / Guillonnière

OUTDOOR SPACES   CAPACITY GABILLIERE  Area: 126 m²  Seated: 100 persons  Standing room: 200 persons

CAPACITY GUILLONNIERE  Area: 150 m²  Seats: Dinner: 100 persons  Conference: 150 persons   Standing room: Cocktail: 200 persons  Catering department  Toilets

Gabillière: Located on the outskirts of the forest of Chambord, not far from the first wild animal lookouts, the room is decorated with trophies of male red deer and provides a previously unknown experience, as close as possible to nature. The space is rented in association with a  lodge; a charming single-story abode, classified 3 stars, it is equipped to host as many as six people.

Guillonnière: Located in the heart of the Chambord forest park just a few meters from a watchtower allowing you to stealthily observe the environing fauna and flora, the Guillionnière is a one-time farm that has been has been redesigned as a hunting lodge; it is the perfect place to host “deer squall” evenings, company evenings or seminars.



OUTDOOR SPACES  CAPACITY Hosting capacity: Up to 50 persons

Modeled on Russian dachas, this space was inspired by President Georges Pompidou. A confidential site located face to a magnificent pond, it is one of the hideaways of Chambord.


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