HistoPad will regale you with an immersive tour of the chateau as it was in the times of François I. You will discover eight rooms integrally reconstituted in 3D and virtual reality.

It also includes:

  • More than one hour of recorded commentaries on the history and architecture of the château.
  • Interactive maps to help you to orient yourself and organize your tour.
  • A visitor’s guide of the 24 rooms in the château allowing you to more completely discover its history and collections. 
  • A treasure hunt for children.

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Prices: 6,50€ full rate – 17€ for 3 HistoPads (Family Pack)


Because the maintenance and transmission of this legacy must be everyone's business, Chambord appeals to the generosity of the public. Individuals and businesses can support Chambord and make your contribution to its influence. Chambord needs your help!

«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Due to the vigipirate plan, we thank our visitors in advance for showing understanding for the slowdown induced by the security checks at the entrances.