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When you pay a visit to Chambord, you can breathe the air of the forest, admire pure and preserved landscapes, explore kilometers of out-of-the-way paths, enjoy an opportunity to cross paths with wild animals; and discover for the first time the French-style gardens imagined during the reign of Louis XIV … and fully restored in 2017!

Accompanied by a forest guide, you will seat yourself in an all-terrain vehicle and explore a complex and peaceable environment. Your visit of the ponds, prairies and heaths of the largest enclosed nature reserve in Europe will give you valuable information on management of wild flora and fauna. And during a stopover in the spacious trophy room, you will have the privilege of discovering how a stag’s antlers can develop over seven years.

You will relish an unforgettable moment amidst the ferns in the clearings where all of a sudden as you take a turn, you may espy large forest animals.

As the park of Chambord hosts a density of stags and wild boars facilitating their observation,  it is hardly an uncommon occurrence to cross paths with them in broad daylight.

Duration: 1h30

Peak season : up to 6 departures a day

Off-peak season: up to 3 departures a day

For information on times of departure, contact the reservation service.

Reservation recommended, subject to availability.

Number of seats: 8 persons maximum

Minimum age: 3 years

Prices: 18€ /12€ (reduced price for children from 5 to 17 years old)

(information valid for individual visits. Consult us on prices for “on-request” visits)

Summary sheets available in English

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«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Following the terrorist attacks in Pars on the night of 13-14 November 2015, and so as to ensure visitor safety, the National Estate of Chambord has been applying the preventive measures enacted by the government for public administrations .