CAPACITY  Area: 383.28 m²  Seats: 100 persons by arm, 400 persons for the four arms  Standing room: 700 persons

The terraces afford a breathtaking view of the park of Chambord in all its majesty. Along with the spiral staircases, they represent one of the most emblematic sections of the château. In the center stands the Tour Lanterne, showpiece of the château. Adorned with decorative moldings, ornaments and plates of slate, the chimneys and turrets bring into being a truly timeless universe.

Historical background: “A woman with her hair blown into the air by the wind”, that is how Chateaubriand described the magical and majestic entity formed by the 282 chimneys of the château.


Because the maintenance and transmission of this legacy must be everyone's business, Chambord appeals to the generosity of the public. Individuals and businesses can support Chambord and make your contribution to its influence. Chambord needs your help!

«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Due to the vigipirate plan, we thank our visitors in advance for showing understanding for the slowdown induced by the security checks at the entrances.