Practical information


Free lockers are at your disposal at the château entrance (except in case of contrary governmental provisions) for safekeeping of your metallic baby carriers, backpacks, helmets…

Certain objects* are not admitted in the château and must be placed in the lockers in accordance with visit regulations.

Under France’s Vigipirate national security plan, objects with dimensions superior to 55cm x 35cm x 20cm must also be deposited in the lockers after having been inspected.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the information service at +33 (0)2 54 50 40 00.

*The following objects are not allowed inside the château and must be deposited in the lockers:

  • Back-mounted baby carriers with metallic frames (an umbrella stroller may be lent at the information and inquiry points);
  • Motorcycle or bicycle helmets;
  • Hiking poles (canes, crutches and seat sticks are permitted when equipped with rubber tips);
  • Sticks and poles;
  • Fake swords;
  • Balloons ;
  • All pointed, sharp or blunt objects;
  • All rolling equipment or machines except for wheelchairs, devices offering assistance to persons of reduced mobility, or strollers/prams;

The National Estate of Chambord will not be held liable for theft or damage to any personal objects deposited in a locker.

For children under 6 years of age

Baby carriers with metal frames are not authorized in the rooms and can be left in storage. Strollers may be lent at the entrance (depending on availability).

Strollers may be stored inside the château.

Toilets with changing table and bottle warmer are accessible:

  • beside the reception area close to the parking lots (free access)
  • inside the château (accessible with a “château + gardens” entrance ticket)

Visitors' recommendations

To save time, prepare your visit in advance by purchasing your no-queuing tickets here.

Pay for your parking as soon as you arrive in the terminals provided for that purpose (single charge for the day).

Do not hesitate to take your visitor’s leaflet at the château entrance so as to see where you are and where are you going.

The Chambord Wifi Public network remains at the disposal of château visitors.

In the autumn and the winter, some rooms are heated; while we light chimney fires to warm our visitors, it is strongly recommended that they wear warm clothes


Chambord Castle allows dogs on a leash in the park.

Dogs are not allowed in:

  • The castle enclosure (except for people with disabilities);
  • French gardens (except for people with disabilities);
  • Stables (except for people with disabilities);

Picnic areas

Two kiosks near the car parks and a number of picnic areas in the forest open to all.

Information and booking

41250 Chambord – FRANCE
+33 (0)2 54 50 40 00

+33 (0)2 54 50 50 40


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