Chambord Passport

Enjoy the experience of an entire day in Chambord !

Extension of the equestrian show during the All Saints’ Day vacations (from October 17 to November 1, 2020) – Every day.


Health measures – All measures are taken to ensure the protection of staff and visitors alike. The number of spectators in the grandstand is reduced at each performance to respect the physical distance between each visitor. We advise you to reserve your seats in advance.

Come and enjoy a full day in Chambord and take full advantage of the many activities the estate has to offer.

The « Chambord Passport » ticket includes:

  • Admission to the château and gardens (ticket valid through 31/12/2020)
  • Admission to the horse + birds of prey show and related entertainment (ticket earmarked for the hour and day chosen by the customer)
  • Rental of a HistoPad from the age of 5 (ticket valid through 31/12/2020)
  • A special “réduction activités de loisirs”  pass (ticket valid through 01/11/2020) affording reduced price rental of equipment for one of the following recreational activities *

– Electric cart 45 minutes at a price of 25€ (instead of 28€)

– Adult bicycle package 1h at a price of 5€ (instead of 7€)

– Boat ride package 30 mn (1 or 2 persons) at a price of 13€ (instead of 16€)

– Boat ride package 30 mn (3 to 5 persons) at a price of 19€ (instead of 22€)

*Subject to availability


The validity periods of the château, HistoPad and boat jetty tickets allow visitors without the time to engage in all the activities during a single day to come back later in the year.



Chambord passport for adults (26+ years and 18-25 years outside European Union): 30 euros

Chambord passport for youth (18 to 25 years, European Union residents): 20 euros

Chambord passport for children (5 à 17 years): 16 euros (Accompanied by an adult having bought at least one « Day in Chambord » « Chambord passport » adult ticket)

Chambord passport for children under 5:  free (Child seated on a parent’s knees during the horse + birds of prey show. No HistoPad)

Subject to availability.

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