The HistoPad offers a spectacular experience immersing the visitor in the life and times of François I.

You will discover nine château rooms integrally reconstituted in 3D and virtual reality thanks to the expert work carried out by Renaissance specialists.

Since 2019, new immersive views are to be found in the chapel!


  • Interactive maps to help visitors to orient themselves and plan out their itineraries.
  • A visitor’s guide of the château’s 24 rooms designed to enhance discovery of their history and collections.
  • Over one hour of audio commentaries on the history and architecture of the château.
  • For the young public, a playful interactive treasure hunt. A new piece to be found in the chapel…


The revised and expanded Histopad 2020 includes :

Discover the castle’s chapel during its construction (1545), then in 1941 when it housed masterpieces from the National Museums. Did you know that Chambord served as a refuge for thousands of works of art, including the Mona Lisa, during the Second World War?

– A new area for enhanced visits: the French garden;
– An update of the augmented visit rooms to take into account the movement of works of art in the castle and the new decorations of the travelling court created by Jacques Garcia;

– A “graphic facelift” of the old immersive views.

Prices : Entrance fee to the castle + 6,5€ (Full price) – 17€ for 3 HistoPads (Family Pack).

Your ticket entitles you to a single visit.

The Histopad is available in 12 languages

Don’t forget that the Chambord Day Pass (only available from 1 July) includes the Histopad.

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