From June 18th to November 19th

Georges Pompidou and art: A viewer’s adventure

A shared anniversary
In 2017, throughout France the Pompidou center will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Wishing to decentralize this occasion, in partnership with 40 different sites it has put together an original program consisting in exhibitions, exceptional loans, gatherings and events throughout the calendar year. Chambord has decided to associate itself with this anniversary by organizing an exhibition dedicated to the figure through whom the estate is closely linked with the Pompidou center, Georges Pompidou himself. The one-time French president was not only responsible for the creation of the center, but was also a frequent visitor of a château that echoed his abiding passion for architecture and his practice of hunting.

However, the Chambord exhibition will be devoted not to the prominent historical and political figure, but rather to his unwavering personal commitment to the art of his times.


An exceptional eye
From his 1930 purchase of Max Ernst’s The Hundred-Headed Woman to a portrait by Jacques Villon a few days before his death in 1974, Georges Pompidou passionately viewed, collected and hung works by the pioneers of modern art and the experimentations of the avant-garde from the 1950s through the early 1970s on the walls of his home (and, subsequently, on those of Matignon, where he served as French Prime Minister, and the Elysée palace. Replicating the choices made by the late head of state, the exhibition will bring back together the artists present in his personal collection or honored in the seats of power, and it will represent a precipitate of three decades of French painting. It will showcase the pertinence – and, occasionally, the audacity – of Pompidou’s eye, of which the versatility and the liberty are particularly evident today. More than 80 artworks (paintings, drawings, sculptures), including the celebrated Paulin salon at the Elysée, will be displayed beneath the coffered vaulted ceilings of Chambord. Drawn from the collections of the Pompidou center and private lenders, including those of Alain Pompidou, these rarely shown works will form an exceptional and harmonious ensemble, rendering this exhibition the most important to have been staged in Chambord. The exhibition will cover 700 m², and the works will be divided into five sections: Modern masters; Abstractions; New Realism; Kinetic art, Figurations.



Without providing an exhaustive list of the artists whose works will be displayed, the names cited below in alphabetical order should provide an initial idea of the importance of the creations gathered together in Chambord:
Adami, Agam, Arp, Buffet, Viera da Silva, S. Delaunay, J. Fautrier, Fontana, Giacometti, Hartung, Kandinsky, Klein, Kupka, Matta, Michaux, Monory, Raysse, Soto, Soulages, Vasarley, B. van Velde, Villeglé, etc… .


Practical information:

  • included in the château entrance fee
  • on the 2nd floor of the château
  • guided visit for groups (from 20 pers.) on request. Booking necessary.
  • Contact: 0033 (0)2 54 50 40 20 /

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«VIGIPIRATE» security measures

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris on the night of 13-14 November 2015, and so as to ensure visitor safety, the National Estate of Chambord has been applying the preventive measures enacted by the government for public administrations .