Christmas decorations and illuminations

Chambord offers a moment out of time, in an idyllic setting. As in previous years, exceptional decorations and Christmas animations will punctuate the life of the castle for a month. Visitors will be able to discover the French gardens and the castle dressed in their beautiful coats.
Decorations inside the castle

This winter, the decorations are inspired by royal splendor, as if Francis I were inviting visitors to celebrate Christmas at the castle. From the first floor to the furnished apartments, including the entrance porch, the famous double staircase and the chapel, the tour is enhanced by the support of loyal partners who have been working with Chambord for Christmas for many years.

In the arms of the cross, the decorations evoke the festive tables and the greedy representations of childhood, with golden panels decorated with candy canes, giant lollipops and nutcrackers. Large buffets decorated with vegetables from the Chambord vegetable garden are set up.

The rooms, cabinets and antechambers are decorated with garlands of eternal roses, fir trees and plant cascades. The second floor gallery and the chapel unveil a creation of birch trees of light and ornate medallions. This year, a wish tree for visitors is installed in the castle.

Christmas lights outside the castle

Lighting and energy conservation

For several years now, Chambord has been committed to sustainable development and the implementation of an energy transition plan. These actions have an impact on the operation of the estate as well as on visitor services. In this context, the Christmas lights will be powered by solar energy.

Solar energy to light up the trees

The Domaine national de Chambord is renewing its partnership with the Roy Energie Group, by lighting up the LED garlands on the Christmas trees with a self-sufficient and sustainable solution. To do this, a photovoltaic power plant with 54 solar panels is installed on the ground and powers the lighting of the trees. This reusable and independent device operates off-grid with a 25,000 Wh battery providing eight hours of autonomy. With this installation, the sun’s rays are captured during the day and restored at nightfall to light the avenue of trees independently.

Circadian lighting of the façade

Chambord has been a pioneer in sound and light since 1952. Illuminations are part of its tradition. Since 2018, a partnership with EDF and Citélum allows a sustainable and reasoned lighting of the facade of the castle. Bulbs “LED” are distributed over a length of 156 meters. The moving light is similar to the natural light of the sun and the moon. This circadian process (28 minutes rhythm) reveals the beauty of the architecture of Chambord.

Illumination of the French gardens

Chambord is going all out with more and more decorations and illuminations in the castle and its surroundings. In addition to the outdoor pathways, which are sublimated by a hundred or so illuminated trees, the magic of Christmas is taking over the French gardens, where the yew trees are dressed in glittering garlands. From the flowerbeds or from the top of the panoramic terraces, a magical atmosphere floats by. It is at nightfall that the facades of the castle and the 18th century gardens will reveal all their beauty.


Come and discover the history of François I in the stables of the Marshal of Saxony!