Itinerant court decor

How the itinerant court of François I was decorated
with Jacques Garcia

Subsequent to restoration in 2017 of its French gardens, Chambord is intent on recreating the atmosphere prevailing within the château during the reign of François I. Recovery of the mobile decors and textiles adorning the rooms during the monarch’s final sojourn in Chambord (1545) and restoration of the French sovereign’s chamber shall not only bring about a concrete, appreciable and spectacular transformation of the visitor’s sensations as soon as he or she enters the donjon, but also constitute scientific experimentation of didactic value. As of now, no other large-scale textile-filled Renaissance décor has been permanently presented in France.

The person placed in charge of refurbishing is Jacques Garcia, a decorator and scenographer renowned for the subtlety of his evocations of large-scale historical iconography and decors; for many years, he has been an advisor for major establishments in France.*

Fundamental to celebration of the half-millennium of Chambord, this project is aimed at rendering visible the way in which the château was furnished during the life and times of François I. Even though the king never conceived of Chambord as a place of permanent residence, he was anything but the designer of an empty castle. On the occasion of each of his sojourns, a sumptuous decor was set up to welcome in style his guests and, more particularly, his “band” of friends and followers.

Jacques Garcia is personally involved as a sponsor for this project.

Since 2014, a loan and deposit agreement has associated Chambord with the French furnishings center (Mobilier national).


  • To reinstall King François I, patron of Chambord, at the heart of the visit: Today’s museography regarding the apartments of François I is inexact and no longer in accordance with either current knowledge of the period under consideration, or public expectations.
  • To provide keys to comprehension of the functioning of the royal court; up until the reign of Louis XV, it remained itinerant. From one season to the next, the place of residence changed, and the furniture was moved accordingly. Given the comings and goings of the king, who stayed there over the course of his reign for a mere 72 days, Chambord little by little devolved from a richly furnished castle into something resembling an empty shell. There would never again exist an equivalent Renaissance setting in France.
  • To offer a voyage into the heart and soul of the Renaissance, celebrating the half-millennium of Chambord by welcoming the visitor as though he were the king’s guest: Indeed, the visitor is invited to discover a festive Chambord, as it was readied, with sumptuous and luxuriating decors, for the arrival of the king and his court.


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