Château illuminations

In 2017, on a plot of land at the foot of the castle covering 16 acres (6.5 acres), the French-style gardens were integrally restored. Following this remodeling of its edges, Chambord now wishes to enhance and highlight the monument itself. As early as 1952, Chambord was a pioneer in sound and light shows. Illuminations are part and parcel of its traditional offer. Design and development of a new lighting system will showcase the monument with elegance and sobriety. In addition, the project will leave a soft footprint in a protected natural environment. Discreet lighting will reveal the beauty of the architecture of Chambord while respecting the wildlife populating the estate, thereby preserving its domestic tranquility and nocturnal repose.

Reflecting a twofold concern – long-lastingness and energy conservation–, the luminaires to be used will consist of LED bulbs permitting permanent and mindful lighting. The lighting system will be applied to the large-scale northern façade (length: 156 meters) overlooking the French gardens and the Relais de Chambord hotel, which reopened in March 2018.

Conceived as a support favoring a free-flowing and poetic luminous stroll, in their spirit the illuminations should prove conducive to reverie. Illumination of the facades will represent the conclusion of restoration of the outskirts of the château and the French gardens.

Akin to the decor of romantic theater, by magnifying the château it will diffuse a moving image, mobile illumination reminiscent of natural moonlight. As legend would have it, Catherine de’ Medici came to Chambord to admire the sky and the stars from the vantage point of the lantern tower.


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