Journey of the stone on the Loire

500 years to the day, after the construction of the castle was launched, the Domaine national de Chambord retraces the historical path of tuffeau stone from its original quarries in Tours to the monument, through an event that will follow the course of the Loire for several days.

The Royal Order appointing a Superintendent of Chambord is dated September 6, 1519. It is considered as the act of launching the construction of Chambord. A symbolic journey of the stones from the original quarries is carried out over several days on the Loire. On the way, stops in the cities of Tours, Amboise, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Blois and Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire are an opportunity to organize activities, shows and meetings for all audiences. Finally, on 6 September 2019, before a major travelling digital show offered by the Centre-Val de Loire Region, a concert with the Republican Guard Orchestra and the trompes de Chambord will be given in front of the monument.

The Loire mariners at the heart of the event

The transport of stones between Tours and Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, the historic port of Chambord, will be carried out, as in the 16th century, by barges. Five associations of Loire mariners will meet throughout the trip for a joint arrival in Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire on Friday 6 September: Boutavant (Tours), Millière-Raboton Homme de Loire (Chaumont-sur-Loire), La Rabouilleuse (Rochecorbon), Les Marins du Port de Chambord (Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire) and Observatoire Loire (Blois). In addition to transporting the stone, bargemen will have the opportunity to meet the public and promote their traditions and know-how.

(Re)discover the Loire as an essential traffic route

A collaborative project

This convoy will stop in five cities along the Loire: Tours, Amboise, Chaumont sur Loire, Blois and Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire.

These stages will be an opportunity to organize, for the general public and the school public, educational activities, concerts, shows, meetings, demonstrations of heritage professions, farmers’ markets, photographic exhibitions, etc.

For these activities, the Domaine national de Chambord, supported by the stage towns, calls on local associations or companies. The very principle of the stone journey project is based on cooperation between different actors, in the same way as all the trades that were necessary for the construction of Chambord.

A varied audience

The stone journey will therefore constitute, by its scale and programming, a major tourist offer at the end of the summer 2019 period. The project is intended to be a popular event, encouraged by the free nature of all the events and by its roaming. It thus aims to attract both a local audience, curious to rediscover Loire culture but also the national and international public, still very present in the region at this time of year.

The journey of the stone will end with a festive evening, free and open to all in Chambord on Friday, September 6, starting at 7pm.

On the agenda:
– Concert of the Orchestre harmonie et des Trompes de la Garde Républicaine accompanied by the Trompes de l’Ecole de Chambord
– Digital show presented by the Centre-Val de Loire Region
– Fireworks display

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