Colloquium under the auspices of UNESCO

June 26, 2019. The challenge of this symposium is to recall the importance of heritage in the ability of communities to live together. Contrary to what one might think, the preservation of heritage is not done in a withdrawal into oneself but constitutes the opening to the world.

This symposium will be conducted under the auspices of UNESCO and its Director-General, Audrey Azoulay.

Its theme will be heritage in danger and will examine the challenges of heritage preservation. It will not only deal exclusively with World Heritage destroyed in the context of armed conflicts or terrorist acts, but also with heritage sometimes left unclaimed, as can be seen throughout France. Many monuments are abandoned due to a lack of resources, development prospects or agreement between the parties. This symposium is intended to promote current and future efforts that may be implemented in the context of heritage protection.

The symposium will seek to adopt a comprehensive approach, covering all kinds of risks, both human and natural, that threaten or could threaten cultural heritage. Various themes and topics will address all kinds of direct or indirect risks, or large-scale projects that develop independently or even against cultural heritage.
French and international cases will be presented.

The international partners of the Chambord National Estate (Beijing Summer Palace, Udaïpur City Palace, Veneria Reale in Italy, Moritzburg and the castles of Saxony in Germany) will naturally be invited to this event.

Daniel Rondeau, a French writer, will be the sponsor of this conference. The 2017 Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française was awarded to him for Mécaniques du chaos (Grasset).

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