Discover Chambord differently. Enjoy your time as privileged visitors in a private guided tour of the château, the new organic vegetable gardens or the natural reserve.

Exclusive guided tour of the château

All year long

A 90-minute private guided tour when the château closes or during the day privileging the history of the château in the 16th century allows you to perceive the scope and significance of a magnificent monument with its majestic architecture. You have access to spaces usually not open to the public (mezzanines or frameworks) and to conclude this exceptional moment, a glass of champagne is served.

  • 2 persons minimum, 30 persons maximum per guide
  • Visit given in several languages: French, English and Spanish
  • When the château closes (or during the day)
  • Total duration of the château visit and the champagne tasting: 2 hours

Booking required.

Rates on request and booking: special events department – Tel./ 00 33 (0)2 54 50 50 75 – evenements@chambord.org

Exclusive guided tour of the vegetable garden

All year long

An organic garden dedicated to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables has been set up a few meters from the chateau on the grounds of the one-time stables.
Based on painstaking observation of nature and its setting, respect for the environment and soil health, this system of cultivation enables increased yields in small areas with minimal mechanization. More that forty varieties of vegetables (comtesse de Chambord beans, squash, cabbage, zucchini, sorrel, tomatoes…) are produced and coexist with 1400 fruit trees of traditional varieties and aromatic and medicinal plants.

Conducted by a market gardener, the guided tour is designed to sensitize visitors to the benefits of an ecological farming approach. The cultivators will detail production methods drawn from largely forgotten 19th-century practices, the varieties produced, the tools utilized, the harvesting methods applied and short supply sales circuits. The visit ends with tasting some of the home-grown products (raw vegetables or beverage products associated with the garden).

  • 2 persons minimum, 30 persons maximum per guide
  • Visit given in French
  • Duration: 1 hour 1/2

Booking required.

Rates on request: booking – Tel./ 00 33 (0)2 54 50 50 40 – reservations@chambord.org

Guided tour of the reserve in an all-terrain vehicle

Accompanied by a nature guide in an all-terrain vehicle, you explore the heart of the reserve, usually closed to the public and discover the history of the woodlands and the management of plants and animals. Visitors on this tour enjoy a special experience in this unspoiled natural environment, home to an exceptionally rich variety of wildlife. They stop at the trophy room where a glass of Champagne is served. Around a curve in the path, they may glimpse some of the animals that live in the forest (stags, deer, wild boar and no less than 150 species of birds or rare species of dragonflies, amphibians, chiropterans and insects…).


Duration: 1 hour 1/2. Summary leaflets in English.

From 2 people. 8 persons per vehicle (+ the guide). Sanitary measures: 7 persons per vehicle.

Booking required. Rate: on demand at evenements@chambord.org


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